Wanderlust and Retail Therapy: False Eyelashes Edition

by Sara Clarke

Holy shit, people. This exists:

They’re false eyelashes. In whimsical forest shapes. Apparently the company also does other designs, like “under the sea” and peacock feathers.

I’m not a false eyelash kind of lady, but wow. Jesus. I mean, I know, I live in Lady Gaga’s hometown. This shouldn’t surprise me. But any old person can buy this from Sephora for under $10. I sort of want to get them and frame them. Or use them in some kind of origami decoupage craft project.

If you’re curious about what they look like on a person, sephora supplies this image:

I mean, can you even imagine? I wonder if this makes you feel like you’re wandering through a mystical woodland? It would make a great addition to the costumes for an art film based on the myth of Daphne and Apollo.

(This post was shamelessly cribbed from The Hairpin’s “What To Do With Your Allowance This Week” post from January 20, 2012). I do not officially endorse people buying these puppies, but if you want to, I accept that.)