Fridays on Etsy: Norsk, ja?

by Sara Clarke

This week, I'm pining for the fjords. Photo by Today is a good day, via Flickr.

Välkommen! This week’s installment of Fridays on Etsy has a Scandinavian theme, for no reason other than the fact that I found a couple of cool things on Etsy that both happened to be Scandinavian, and then I thought, hey, I could have themes, right? So now I do, and the first theme is Scandinavia.

Best of all: there's both a shoulder strap and handles. Image via Etsy seller OldLikeUs.

First up, this bitchin’ SAS flight bag. I have a bag a lot like this from SwissAir, but this one is nicer because it’s very tall. I can just barely squeeze my laptop into my SwissAir bag (which, if I had to guess, I would say is 9 x 13 x 5?), but I bet you can fit a laptop in here easily. I’m also a little jealous of that Viking boat logo. All this, and only $30!

I can imagine wearing this to ride a bike through Copenhagen. Image via Etsy seller bohemiennes.

It gets cold on planes, and even though Spring is (gradually?) coming to Brooklyn I bet it’s still pretty cold in Nordic parts. Which is a good excuse to grab this sweater. The listing doesn’t say which specific Scandinavian knitting tradition it comes from, but it seems authentic enough to me. Unfortunately the sizing is a bit confusing (either the numbers are wrong or it’s a child’s sweater, so you might want to send the seller a message), but for only $40, you could take a chance.

Windmills in Sweden? Who knew? Image via Etsy seller NeatoKeen.

I’m just going to come out and say this. It’s weird how, when you look up vintage linens on Etsy, they’re almost never photographed on actual tables. Vintage housewares dealers of the internet! Buy a table already! Anyway, this adorable tablecloth depicts the different regions of Sweden. I don’t know whether my favorite part is the Swedish bikini babe in Bohuslan, the maypole dancers of Dalarna with their crazy top-heavy house, or that quaint little gaggle of geese who don’t look like they’re about to bite that farm girl’s face off AT ALL. Anyway, it costs $32, which is more expensive than whatever garbage they have at IKEA these days, but still totally worth it.

Finland: showing up those dumb Swedes since 1809.

But perhaps your taste is a little more modern. Scandinavian design is famous for its simple minimalism. In that case, what about this FinnAir promotional poster? It’s like if that tablecloth were directed by Ingmar Bergman. At $200, this guy is a lot more expensive than the usual Etsy stuff. In fact it’s not from Etsy, it’s from somewhere called I don’t think anybody on Etsy is selling anything this beautiful.

Fuck yeah, Norway. Fuck yeah, pointy red hats. Image courtesy Etsy seller Dipper Vintage.

But maybe the Finnish stuff is too modern for you. Maybe you just want to drink a nice cup of coffee and think about pretty girls in traditional folk costumes (or men in knee socks, whatever floats your boat). In that case, you probably want something from Norway’s Figgjo brand of ceramics. For a mere $27, this vintage plate and mug set could be just the thing to get you through those long winter nights.

Anyway, that’s Scandinavia as seen through the lens of Etsy (and some other website with better vintage posters). Enjoy your weekend!