Fridays On Etsy: Around The World For Mother’s Day

by Sara Clarke

Please never do this to your child. From the collection of the British Library, via the Ugly Renaissance Babies blog.

We’ll get to the Mother’s Day gift ideas in a moment. First, a short aside.

Guys, the project I’m working on is about to start shooting, which is to film production as December 23 is to Santa Claus. Though I’m efficient about my writing schedule, the prospect of working 70 hours a week, moving apartments later this month, volunteering at Great GoogaMooga, attending a slew of mandatory social engagements, and writing five substantive and properly spell-checked blog posts a week is becoming an obstacle to my sanity. I’m going to cut down to two or three posts a week for the month of May. This will probably mean no Fridays On Etsy till June. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! I’ll be back to five days a week next month.

Anyway. You wanted to buy your mom a nice jet-settish present for Mother’s Day. Here are some not-entirely-dumb ideas.

Image via Etsy seller WoolTrousers.

If your mom is into either typography or quirky languages, you can’t go wrong with this set of vintage Czech Mother and Father mugs. Save “Tatinkovi” for Father’s Day next month, and you’ve got one of hell of a deal at $6 per parent.

Image via Etsy seller Revvie1.

Did your parents run off and elope at Niagara falls? Does anyone even do that? If your mom did, this silk Niagara Falls scarf would be a great memento of that exciting time. Unless it all went to shit. In which case, don’t give her this. Note that this scarf is for the Canadian side of the falls, but for a mere $14, it’s close enough.

Photo via Etsy seller BagsByTravelHer

Is your mom one of those jet-setting Frequent Flyer Miles business travelers? She’d definitely enjoy this African Fabric “Travel Wallet”, AKA “pretty cool clutch with lots of pockets”. There are lots of other fabric patterns available, but I picked this one to show you because African fabrics remind me of my mom. She spent pretty much the entire decade of the 80’s in a dashiki. Not because she was a Black Panther or anything, but because my grandparents lived in Cameroon and brought back all kinds of cool stuff when they visited. Back to the matter at hand, this guy is on sale for $18.90!

Image via Etsy seller SilkPurseSowsEar.

Maybe your mom is the kind of mom who misses her family when she’s on the road. Which I hope is most moms? But maybe not? Unlike most jewelry designed for moms to flaunt their fecundity, this Family Tree Locket is actually beautiful jewelry you can wear in public without people thinking you’re a Michelle Duggar wannabe. It’s 16 quid plus shipping from Britain.