Friday Morning, East Los Angeles

by Sara Clarke

I’m here! And it’s everything I hoped it would be. I did end up taking the apartment in East LA, and most of my days have been spent exploring my new neighborhood while also accomplishing mundane tasks like buying a plunger and getting my new car smog tested.

Here’s a series of photos I took while waiting for the latter chore to get done, near Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights.

One of my favorite things about East LA so far is the way that signs and billboards are painted directly on the buildings. Some of them are incredibly creative. It’s a little like New York’s obsession with “street art”, but done for utilitarian reasons. 
Murals are the signature art form here, which is probably the reason for the all the hand painted signs. This is the entrance to a wine bar I’ll definitely be checking out sometime soon. 
Here’s a mix of hand-painted and more ordinary signage. Even the dollar stores here are dressed up with paintings. Bueno Bonito y Barato!
Even the more “typical” business signs are a thousand times more interesting than anything I’ve seen on the East Coast. Also, who doesn’t love a restaurant that serves burgers, tacos, miscellaneous other Mexican food, pastrami, AND nachos?